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Together for a better world

Be part of a moving mission and get actively involved in the development service of German opticians! Our call“Participate and get active” is aimed at all those who want to make a sustainable contribution to global vision health.

As an active member, you have the unique opportunity to have a direct impact on our projects and make a positive difference in the world. Your passion for optics, combined with your commitment, can sustainably improve the lives of many people.

We offer a diverse range of opportunities depending on your interests and abilities. Whether you want to take part in setting up optometry workshops, teach at local educational institutions or get involved in administration - there are countless ways you can get involved.

Together we can break down barriers and give people around the world access to appropriate eye care. Join us and become part of an inspiring community that fights with passion for the vision of offering every individual the chance to see clearly.

Requirements for potential members:

We are looking for committed team members with a strong desire to broaden their horizons and a sense of volunteer commitment. Completed vocational training to become an optician is ideal.

Also important are the joy of developing and improvising, intercultural curiosity, a love of travel and the willingness to actively participate in developments in Germany. Tolerance and empathy are essential.

Our common goal is to ensure that as many people as possible around the world have access to high-quality, affordable eyewear. If you share these values, we look forward to receiving your application!



Simply fill out the application and membership application and send it to us by email.  

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