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About Us

The team of the 'Development Service of German Optometrists' consists of German opticians who put their hearts and hands into other cultures for a few weeks in order to work there with full commitment. As a rule, there is a comprehensive, months-long preparation period, followed by follow-up support to ensure success. This form of commitment is our tried and tested 'classic', but we are happy to open our development service network to also offer colleagues the opportunity to sustainably promote their projects. As opticians (masters), we like to share our knowledge with people in developing countries. Together with trainees, we set up workshops with the most necessary equipment. A second effort is often required to ensure success. Our goal is to empower people in their home countries so that they can be successful there. In many poor countries, training and medical care continue to pose major challenges. However, we firmly believe that access to high-quality optical training should not be hindered by obstacles. With full respect, we strive not to just implement 'our' systems and retreat, but rather to understand the way people think on site and leave processes that work.

Our strategies

The classic:

A proven classic in our success story: This model has already proven to be extremely effective in numerous projects. The process begins with the first contact or suggestion, and we then immediately start planning. Our goal is to provide local communities with the necessary equipment while turning locals into qualified opticians through training our members. An initial idea or suggestion develops into a fully functioning system for optical care of the eyes.

Further development of existing educational institutions:

Our strength lies not only in our focus on a specific model, but also in our flexibility. We are focused on helping where the need is greatest. An outstanding example of this is our involvement in the Cameroon project. The further development of existing educational institutions and the transfer of German specialist knowledge are central tasks that our organization has successfully mastered in various projects.

Integrate ophthalmic optics into educational systems:

In many countries, ophthalmology is not yet an integral part of the education systems. The Development Service of German Optometrists is actively committed to promoting the integration of ophthalmic optics into state education systems. This approach opens up new perspectives for local people and expands the range of professional opportunities for them.

At the EDA, we are continually working on developing innovative techniques for our projects and using them effectively with limited resources in the relevant countries. Our first chairman, Reinhard Müller, has successfully developed a system called RapidGlasses, which makes it possible to sharpen spectacle lenses in the simplest way within 10 minutes

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